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Diverse Learning Environments



We support your infant's development and take care of his or her daily needs the same way you do. You will see a happy child when you pick him or her up. Infants at Maria's Daycare are able to effectively communicate their needs or wants. We use our training in sign language to teach infants communication through associated physical movements. Our home day care also has materials that manipulate and encourage active exploration. The activities we provide allow your child to grow independence.  



Our young children need to see, feel, and touch the concepts around them, in order to connect their minds with their bodies. We believe that our children must take small steps before learning big concepts. For example, before a child learns how to read, they must know how to use their body to open and go through a book. We teach your toddlers big concepts one step at a time. The universal language for children is song, so we capture their interest in singing, movements, and exercise so that the children are enjoying themselves while learning as they go. Each morning, we host a "circle time", bringing children together and developing their social skills. Our play areas are composed of different centers, such as the kitchen center, discovery center, pretend play center, and block center. We allow our children to make independent choices in which area they would like to play. 


At the pre-school age, children become more cognitively oriented. We offer Spanish through words, phrases, and singing. Our day care home is equipped with inviting and developmental materials, such as: musical instruments, lego blocks, and puzzles. Pre-school aged children also enjoys playing in our different centers, as stated in the "Toddler" section. We also incorporate movement to help children develop. Our gym area is equipped with a ball pit and soft play shapes where the children can have fun and exercise.

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